A distinguished Tony Awards® watching, Seattle born actor, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Pacific Lutheran University, found my “theatre bug” while doing a study abroad program year at the University of York in England and completed a two-year conservatory program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. 

     Esteemed publications like Business Insider and Buzzfeed describe me as part of a “micro-generation” named the Xennials (a.k.a. Oregon Trail Generation) — reminiscing about the days of slap bracelets, JNCO jeans, TGIF sitcoms, flip phones, mix tapes and living life with a dial-up internet connection.

     But all those early years spent wearing out my Disney VHS collection has surely paid off, now living my Disney dreams of performing in the Broadway First National tour of Disney's Aladdin as Jafar's sidekick, Iago! Check out www.aladdinthemusical.com/tour to find out where in North America our magic carpet is flying to next.

     Aside from performing, I enjoy writing humorous anecdotes (currently being expanded into a full length book), dabbling in amateur-ish foodie adventures, and being a semi-professional museum attender. I've also begun the incredibly satisfying, sleep deprived, exhilarating, baby-sharking, drool filled, messy adventure of fatherhood (on the road, to boot!) with my budding novelist/teacher/husband Scott. Watch our beautiful Lily Bea's non-creepy The Truman Show-like life unfold on her #gaydads curated Instagram @lilybeabea filled with baby fashion tips, playtime play-by-plays and our collection of #dadjokes.