CHip "putnam county spelling bee"

"If there's one thing that has distinguished the Couer d'Alene Summer Theatre over the years, it's strong casting across the board. Jay Paranada plays the eagar overachiever with equal comic and vocal panache. This is two hours of non-stop fun!"

Jim Kershner - Spokesman Review

"Chip Tolentino (Jay Paranada) sings of the ups and downs of a young man's life in a hilarious performance filled with gusto."

Carlo Durland: The Link News/Coaster Weekly



bun foo "thoroughly Modern millie"

"Romney Piamonte and Jay Paranada are execellent in these roles."

Neal Zoren - Delaware County Daily Times

"Woodall, Mrs. Meers, who plays a classic fraud, might have the most politically incorrect role in modern Broadway musical history. Or maybe she shares that honor with her two henchmen, fine jobs by Romney Piamonte and Jay Paranada."

Howard Shapiro - Philadelphia Inquirer

Engineer "miss saigon"

"Some of the secondary characters provided standout performances... Roy Flores, playing Ching Ho, and Jay Paranada, his brother Bun Foo, deserve to take an extra bow."

Mike McLaughlin - The Brooklyn Paper

"Jay Paranada and Roy Flores are immensly charming as the beholden brothers."

Amy Krivohlavek -

Photo: Rich Kowalski

Photo: Piper Theatre Productions

"The Engineer (Jay Paranada), is a showpiece role, and Paranada runs with it. The key to The Engineer lies in creating an irredeemable bad guy who's also a likable rogue. Paranada makes it look easy. It's anything but. Besides steering the story through its politics, he has two show-stopping musical soliloquies. "If You Want to Die in Bed" and "The American Dream" are here both comical and chilling."

Phillip Dorian - The Two River Times

"The Engineer, played by Jay Paranada, was consistently stealing the spotlight with his flashy personality and comical facial expressions."

Malini Bartels and Allison LeCain - Entertaining Fort Collins

"The real standout of the evening was Jay Paranada as the Engineer. That's not a great suprise, however, as Paranada has honed his performance over three appearances [in the show.] Paranada [has] great comic effect in this showcase role."

Kate Forgach - Radio Interview on KRFC 88.9 FM and creator of Tattle Tales

"Jay Paranada is the embodiment of comedic relief, drawing show-stopping laugther from a singular roll of his massive eyes, and, later, dissolving the entire show into a blubbering, banana-eating mess via what felt like an unrehearsed ten-minute psychological meltdown on stage -- to incredible effect."

Kevin F. Kelleher - Author, Composer, Playwright

"Jay Paranada in a theatrical tour de force. [He] has a wonderful and intelligent approach to parts and moments and a touch of comic genius. He really knows how to read and deliver moments and relationships onstage and is able to communicate those moments to an audience."

Nigel Williams/Patrick Hickey Jr. - Review Fix

"The crowd's favorite performer was none other than Jay Paranada as Martin Van Buren, Jackson's Vice President and comedic sidekick, trying to keep the country in order despite the best efforts of his maverick president."  

Natalie Sacks -

"Sean Couglin (Andrew Jackson), Jay Paranada (Martin Van Buren), and John Wascavage (multiple roles) made the biggest impressions by really dialing into the show's peculiar sense of humor.

Brooke Pierce - Edge New York


"Uniformy, the cast delivers. As the baker, Paranada goes from wide-eyed to ennobled by his own vulnerability."

Len Fonte -

"There are particularly strong performances from Debra Thais Evans as the witch, Jay Paranada as the Baker, Julie Goretsky as his wife, and John Bixler as the narrator."

Barbara Haas - Syracuse Newtimes

"Bottom is an actor of vast ego and even vaster hamminess. Paranada grabs the part and rides it with zest and clarity."

Neil Novelli -